Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Skill By Any Other Name…

Friday night the husband and I were watching the Gymnastic Olympic Trials with our daughter.  We enjoyed watching all the routines and talented gymnasts.
One of the gymnasts was Sarah Finnegan from St. Louis.  Finnegan performed a skill on both the beam and in the floor exercise.  As we aren’t experts in gymnastics we didn’t know if this skill had a name or not.  Finnegan extended one leg and spun three times on one foot. (See video at 25 seconds)
I looked this up on the internet and apparently it is called a Triple Wolf Turn or as Finnegan likes to call it the Humphrey Turn after a gymnast Terin Humphrey who was apparently the first to perform this skill.
However, from now on as we go through to the Olympics the husband has proclaimed this skill as the Finnegan Spin-Again.  So we here claim the rights to this name – NBC take note if you use this during the Olympic Coverage we expect royalties.


  1. You are famous!! Whenever I am faced with something I think will be "hard" (i.e. waking up a little earlier to work out) I think of these athletes and what they go through to reach peak performance.

  2. hahaha, yes! I need to come up with a name for sth as well.