Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pappy’s Smokehouse – St. Louis, Missouri

Pappy's SmokehoseLiving in St. Louis, Missouri you can’t exist as a Food Channel and Travel Channel enthusiast without have heard of Pappy’s Smokehouse. So one Friday when we were both taking a day of vacation we decided to trek to Pappy’s to try it out.
Located in an old warehouse just off Lindell we found a place to park in the lot behind the building and walked to find at least a dozen people lined around the corner to order.
We reviewed the menu and decided to get the Rib Combo which includes: A half or full slab of Ribs, 1/4lb. of your choice of meat with 2 sides. Half $15.99. While we were in line to order one of the workers walked by asking if anyone had any questions. We asked him about the size of the combo and if it would feed both of us. He let us know that with the combo you can add additional ¼ lb of different meats for a nominal fee (I believe it was something like 3.99).
The ribs had a dry rub and were apple smoked. All the meat was served without sauce. On the tables there were different sauces including a sweet sauce called Sweet Baby Jane, their Original Sauce with a pepper kick and a Hot Sauce. The meat had delicious flavor and I used the sauce sparingly just so I could try it – my tender taste buds went with just the Sweet Baby Jane.
The sides we ordered with the combo were Fried Corn on the Cob and Sweet Potato Fries. We added an extra side of corn. This was our only disappointment of the day. The Corn on the Cob was a fail. But the Sweet Potato Fries more than made up for it. These fries were thin and the right combination of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They were coated with a brown sugar coating that made them sweet enough that we saved them until last as our dessert.
We would make Pappy’s our lunchtime destination more often if it weren’t 45 minutes from our home.
See Adam Richman visit Pappy’s below.  Go to 6:41 on the video.

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