Friday, July 6, 2012

The Next Generation in Shopping

On my lunch hour I wanted to take a break and get away from the office. I opted to go to a home décor/crafts store with a two world rhyming name. While there I noticed a mother with two small kids. She was carrying her youngest child, under the age of one, in her arm balancing the child on her hip. The other child was about three and she had hold of that child’s hand. She was trying to maneuver a shopping cart with her elbow and her body. The cart had an unused child seat with a seatbelt holding nothing but the woman’s purse.
I noticed the woman as she was standing at the greeting card aisle talking to the older child about how they didn’t have christening cards and she was sure they had to have them. Then looking around, the woman complained that she couldn’t believe there wasn’t an employee to help her. Of course, I couldn’t believe it either. Where in the world was the personal shopper for busy moms in the greeting card section. Perhaps she could give them all the details of the child being christened and get a perfect card selected by the personal shopper for her.
Continuing on through the store just browsing, I found a red fleur de lis piece of décor for my office. And I found it all by Cool Fleur de Lismyself. No one can ever have too many of fleur de lis is what I think. I pick it up and move to the registers at the front of the store. I approach the registers to see my favorite high maintenance mom.
Mom is pushing the cart with her hip. She is still holding both kids in the same manner as before. Her cart is full. I am not sure what she found to purchase but she must have found a personal shopper to help her get that christening card and all the other stuff in her cart. After she completed her purchase she tells the cashier – now listen to me here – she tells, not asks the cashier, that she is leaving her cart at the register and is going to go get her kids situated in the car. She tells the cashier that she is driving a white SUV and she will drive to the front of the store and she needs the cashier to bring her purchases out to her. Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize this store had personal shoppers and a frigging valet service. I must remember this in the future. 
 What is that you say, this is how to use a shopping cart when you have children.  Amazing!!!!


  1. LOL...that is so funny. Was this store in an exclusive part of the STL metroplex?

  2. No, this store was out in the suburbs. Just an everyday inexpensive store.

  3. Funny enough I needed a personal shopper in the card aisle the other day to get Dom's birthday card. I had spent about ten minutes trying to find boyfriend cards but couldn't see for looking. The assistant who I asked to show me was so rude to me that I got my revenge by reorganising a load of cards she had just tidied. Petty I know but I felt so much better!

    1. I love the fact that you rearranged the cards. Sounds like something I might have done.