Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking Forward

I have to say that 2012 was a busy year in our household and I look for 2013 to be a little less exciting.  For those of you wondering, my son was able to make it home safely for Christmas and stayed with us just shy of a week.  He’s back in Washington now to start looking for a place to live.  He was fortunate to have the people he works with offer him shelter, but he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome.

So I look forward to what new and interesting things he will find in a new place to live and continuing with his first year teaching.  Both my husband and I are fortunate to have our jobs.  My sister and others have not been so lucky with the continuing problems with the economy.  And the most incredible thing, but I daresay something that makes me feel old, is that my daughter will be graduating in May from college. 

This past year, I had friends welcome babies into their lives, and I’ve told them the old clich├ęs about enjoying every moment of their children's’ lives because they will be grown before they know it.  And I have to say that it does just seem like yesterday they were speeding along on their Hot Wheels and spinning out just to show they could.

Have a great New Year and enjoy each new day and every opportunity it provides.