Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Swept Away

Alex's Rental House "Mom, are you sitting down?" are the words no mother wants to hear, but hear I did on Monday of this week when my 24 year son called from Oak Harbor, WA where he moved four months ago to fulfill his dream of becoming a ceramics teacher. As both of my children went away to college I had told them to find what they loved to do and chase after their dream.  My son always loved creating and was a born teacher.  With degrees in Ceramics, Painting and a Masters in Education my son interviewed for a year and half for a job in our home state of Missouri, but with money to fund art education being cut he was unable to find a position.  So he looked elsewhere and found his dream job in Oak Harbor, WA.  He was offered his current job with less than two weeks to move and get settled before school started.  He flew out to Washington and found a house to rent.  He was ecstatic with his new job and his home which allowed him views of Puget Sound.  The great views that would end up causing the phone call on Monday.  A strong storm blew across the Sound with strong winds and high waves.  He left for work on Monday morning and shortly after received a phone call from his landlord that the waves had come up and engulfed the backside of the house.  All of my son's possessions were swept into the Sound and he was left with no place to live and only the clothes that he was wearing that day.  But the best news was that he was at school teaching the students the subject he loves and wasn't in his bed which is now lost to the cold waters of the Sound. If you can spare a few moments, I would ask for your thoughts and prayers for my son as he finds a new place to live and slowly rebuilds his life and replaces the things he lost.  Thoughts and prayers of thanks to the community that is helping him out including his boss/co-worker who is providing temporary housing. After everything that has happened in the past couple of months here in the U.S. and this situation that hit home, I have to say, Parents, embrace your children and be thankful for their health and safety.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

If you like Big Bang Theory, or even not, here is an entertaining flash mob from one of their tapings.  It’s funny because it includes many of the people who run the show.  Let’s just hope some of these guys stay behind the camera from now on. 
Now all I can think about is doing my own flash mob at work.  Or probably not.  But what fun to work somewhere you can get away with something like that.

You can read more about the background of this at Hollywood Reporter here