Saturday, July 21, 2012

All I have to say is…Why?

Reading the New York Daily News I saw the following article about David Hasselhoff cardboard cutouts being stolen.  The cutouts are being used for an advertising campaign for iced coffee at a convenience store chain.  Thieves are stealing the paper playboy and apparently some people are even asking to buy the cut-outs.  My only thought on this is - why?  I don’t believe he’s talented and I certainly wouldn’t want him in my house.  And he is definitely aging, no Baywatch hottie there.  But wait, I could just stand him up behind a closed window shade and point a light on him to frame a silhouette to scare off burglars. <br /> David Hasselhoff iced coffee ads are being stolen from Cumberland Farm stores all across New England.<br />
Read the complete article here:
But just a note to one of my favorite radio teams out there at the BBC – I do find enjoyment from The Hoff when he appears on BBC Radio with Scott Mills.  When he leaves the show Scott and his team get an awful lot of use out the things Hasselhoff says and does off the air.  Scott Mills Daily is available for download for free on Itunes.

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