Friday, July 13, 2012

Little Free Library

Reading the Los Angeles Times the other day I happened upon a story about a man’s tribute to his book loving school teacher mother. It all began in Wisconsin where Todd Bol built a miniature one room schoolhouse. He loaded the schoolhouse with books to lend to friends and neighbors. The success of this first little schoolhouse “library” prompted Bol to launch a community of little libraries across the nation and now reaching across the world. Read the complete story here -,0,6029346.story
Reading the story I was intrigued by the idea and visited the website Bol has set up -
This is the original Little Free Library:

The libraries shown on the website are adorable and there is a search guide to find one near you. But alas, there are only two in Missouri and neither one near where we live. The idea interests me but I’m not sure that my restrictive subdivision would allow me to post one in our front yard. But perhaps you could. Take a look at the website and perhaps you have one near where you live.

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