Monday, July 30, 2012

It Happens Every Four Years

It happens every four years – the Olympic Summer Games. In our household the Summer Games hold special interest to us as we watch sports that our children have competed in and spent many hours sitting beside a pool or a track rooting for them. As well, there are several cycling events and, as you’ve read here before, professional cycling is a shared enjoyment of our whole family.
So Friday night we sat together as a family (without one our team) and watched the opening ceremonies. We have all been to London at least twice, a couple of us, three times. So we love England and the English people. Sitting here on Sunday after the ceremony I’ve read many comments that people were not impressed with the opening ceremonies. All I have to say is I loved the forging of the gold ring in the stadium and how the other Olympic rings came into the stadium to form together. And once the rings formed, the sparks flying from them were pretty cool. In addition, once the games were announced open and the fireworks went off spiraling around the top of the stadium and then larger fireworks filled the air was worth a couple of “wows”. The copper petals representing each country joining together to create the Olympic cauldron was extremely original.
From other parts of the ceremony I liked the Queen and Daniel Craig’s James Bond skit with them skydiving near the stadium. In an unusual scene the Brits did a skit dedicated to the National Health Service – not sure something like that would ever happen in the U.S.
The two memorable things about this segment were the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (we saw the play while in London and I would tell you if you ever get the chance to catch this musical – do it!) and the light up blankets on the children’s beds. I definitely think I need one of these to be able to read at night. Or to provide additional light to watch television for the next two weeks catching all the Olympic action.


Go Team USA!


  1. I wasn't too keen on the first part of the ceremony which seemed to just be a load of people milling about and Kenneth Branagh looking actorly, but loved the rest, especially the Queen's part. I don't know how they persuaded her to do that. We were gobsmacked! I thought the NHS section was a bit peculiar but the NHS IS a huge cornerstone of our society and something that people get very passionate about so I suppose it is an accurate reflection of the UK.

  2. I've always thought that the Queen is actually a pretty funny lady. Too bad she has that job where she has to look so stoic and professional all the time.