Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1984 Gold

Watching the Olympics this week I have seen a couple of former Olympians that made me want to do some research.  In 1984 I was a senior in high school and watched the Olympics just weeks before beginning college.  The Olympics were being held in Los Angeles and the Russians were boycotting so there were asterisks in articles about any American win.  They had to indicate that it was a boycotted Olympics.  Regardless of that, USA put forth an amazing Gold Medal Men’s Gymnastics Team featuring Bart Conner, Tim Daggett, Mitch Gaylord, Jim Hartung, Scott Johnson, and Peter Vidmar.  These men (very young men with many still in college) performed some amazing feats and remain the only team to win gold in gymnastics for the U.S.

1984 Los Angeles Olympics Gold Medal Men’s Gymnastics team
Bart Conner – is now a gymnastics sports commentator, owner of Perfect 10 Productions which produces many gymnastics programs for various cable channels as well as owning Bart Conner Gymnastics in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, Nadia Comaneci (yes, former Romanian gymnast with a great record of scoring perfect 10s).
Tim Daggett – is now a gymnastics sports commentator and can be currently heard on NBC during the current Olympics in London. In addition he has a gymnastics program in Massachusetts – Tim Daggett Gold Medal Gymnastics.
Mitch Gaylord – is now a motivational speaker, developer of the Melt It OFF workout program (I might need to check this out), and actor (American Anthem).
Peter Vidmar – is now a motivational speaker and gymnastics commentator for CBS. Vidmar performs pommel horse routines during his speeches to emphasize his trademarked ideas of "Risk, Originality, and Virtuosity.”
Jim Hartung – after years of being a visitation coach for the U. S. National Team and then a gymnastics judge, Hartung made his way back to Lincoln, Nebraska to coach gymnastics at his alma mater in 2006.
Scott Johnson – is now a motivational speaker and operator of Scott Johnson’s Tumbling & Fitness Academy in Florida.


  1. I was watching the women's gymnastics yesterday and the USA put in a superb performance. They really shone over the other teams. These guys are no longer alone with their Gold medals.

    1. It also helps when they are so good looking ;)

  2. And we know that women's gymnastics has always been a powerhouse. I wish them well in the individual events to come.