Saturday, August 4, 2012

London Olympics – Week 1 Review

We have enjoyed the first week of the Olympics in our home this week. As Americans we typically rally around our home team, but the week started off with us being sad about the Men’s Road Race in cycling. We were all cheering for Mark Cavendish, but after his effort in the Tour de France he was unable to medal in London.  We enjoyed the diving competitions as we spent many years at the pool cheering on our son during his high school diving career. The U.S. has done well in the medal totals and we’ve cheered on Team GB as we love England and our friends across the pond.
The rest of this blog is for your viewing enjoyment – faces and photos from the first week. Click on each picture for a companion article from a multitude of news agencies.

Mark Cavendish at the finish of the Men’s Road Race for Team GB

Women’s Skeet Test Firing medalist Kim Rhode is the first American competing in an individual sport to receive a medal in five consecutive Olympics.

U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps holds his 19th Olympic medal, a gold he earned with teammates in the men's 4x200m freestyle relay. Phelps now has the the most medals in Olympic history.
Michael Phelps now holding the record for most Olympic medals
Women’s Gymnastics scores gold in the team competition

And now some pictures just for fun

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  1. Too bad about Mark Cavendish and Tom Daley. Good luck to Tom on his individual event. We are making up for it though in the velodrome and rowing. We would have a long long way to go to catch USA though lol . you have fantastic athletes and are ruling the swimming. I hope my basketball match is a USA one. I am so proud you are enjoying our Olympics. I wish you could all be here to be part of the amazing atmosphere.