Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Enjoying Charleston and the Olympics

We have been away since Thursday enjoying a relaxing vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.  This vacation was somewhat different than what we typically do.  Normally we plan our vacation (or should I say, I do this and drive the husband crazy) down to every last detail from where we’ll go and what we’ll do each day and even where we will eat.  But with the stress I’ve been feeling lately from work I decided to make note of a few places we could visit and if we made it there it would be good, if not that would be good as well.  Our main goal was to just be away from home and relax.
Also, we couldn’t help watching the Olympics in the evening either before or after dinner.  So we’ll be back sharing our vacation and perhaps some favorite Olympic moments.
I will share a couple of things with you right now.  Charleston is fabulous but DO NOT go in July or August.  Did you hear me?  I said DO NOT go in the heat of summer.  The PGA Championship will likely be thinking this as well at the end of this week.  Living in St. Louis we’ve always talked about summer heat being bad but that we get more humidity than my family in Kansas.  But there is nothing like the humidity in Charleston in August.  But we muddled through and we’ll talk about our coping mechanism as well as what we did for fun.

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