Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ice Cream Heaven

Last year we were planning a trip to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. We planned to spend a night in Sioux City, Iowa after a day of driving from St. Louis. As I was checking out things to do in the Sioux City area I came across a mention of the Blue Bunny Museum and Ice Cream Parlor in Lemars, IA. Well, for anyone who knows us, ice cream is something we truly enjoy.  This was a must see for us.
So when we started out our road trip, we knew that we had to make good time to reach Lemars.  After a long drive we arrived at the museum just 45 minutes before it was going to close. We were told that we could enter the museum but we had to be out before closing time. It was cute seeing lots of memorabilia from the Wells Company, parent company of Blue Bunny and the history of Blue Bunny ice cream. Old Blue Bunny MuseumSince we visited they have taken an older building in Lemars and renovated for a new, larger museum, ice cream parlor and event space.
Inside the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor
The best part of the trip was our visit to the ice cream parlor. They had a sampler dish where you could choose six ice creams to sample. The cost of the sample dish was less than $10 and we were able to try a variety of Blue 1296013615273Bunny flavors that we had not had in the past. We hadn’t tried them either because we weren’t sure of the flavor when we saw it at the grocery store or because it wasn’t available in our area.
Our favorite flavor was Huckleberry. We were sad to hear that this flavor is only available to restaurants. I contacted their corporate sales department and found that unfortunately no one in St. Louis was selling the flavor. Perhaps we’ll have to contact them again to see if this flavor is available in our area now.
Do you enjoy ice cream? Do you have any recommendations for ice cream companies or flavors that we should try? How about other corporate museums – any you’ve been to and enjoyed?

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