Monday, June 11, 2012

TV Show Changes You Hate

I absolutely hate when a successful television show decides to bring on new characters, especially ones that I hate. Why don’t they ask me? My opinion matters. I know what the people want and like. I could save many a show from cancellation.
What has me all upset? Well, a couple of years ago I started watching a show on Lifetime that ran in the summer – a treat from all the reruns. The show was called Drop Dead Diva and it started its new season last Sunday night. I was excited, the husband was not so thrilled, but he sat and watchedDDD_EP402_03132012_BM_0451[1] it with me anyway. And who should show up on my show but that dang Kim K. I’ve already let you know of my terrible dislike of her (see my June 2nd post Brother, Can You Spare a Dime). Well, on the previews for Drop Dead Diva earlier this week it showed that Kim K. is apparently going to be appearing on my summer show for several episodes this year. Well, guess what? I’m boycotting. This is just as bad when they brought Rebecca Romijn-Stamos to Ugly Betty. I gave up on that show shortly thereafter and it was cancelled a year or two later.
My hate of new characters goes all the way back to Cheers. When Diane left the show and they brought in Sam's new female boss, Rebecca. I took an instant dislike to Kirstie Alley – even though she was from my hometown of Wichita, Kansas. Don’t get me invested in a show and its characters and then ask me to accept someone else if they are annoying as heck.
So now, I have my Sunday nights free until Amazing Race starts its new season. Guess that will allow me time to blog a little and catch something like The Tony Awards instead.
So what person/character made you stop watching a show? Is there any character that’s been added to a show that you really liked?

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