Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rice Krispy Cookies

The night before last I was craving something sweet and looked through my cookbooks. I came across this little ring bound booklet that I picked up at a book fair not long ago. The recipes came from Academy of the Sacred Heart Mothers’ Club Christmas Book from 2004. I needed to find something quick, easy and including ingredients I had in the cabinet. This one fit all those criteriaRice Krispy Cookies (2). Rice Krispy Cookies.
Out of the oven these were soft and flexible, but they firmed up and were crispy on the edges in no time. After I had my first cookie, I decided that these tasted much like a cookie we used to make in the Safeway bakery 30 years ago when I worked there. The crisp rice cereal and the quick cook oats bind to the rest of the dough and some of them crisp up in the oven to the consistency of a nut. The texture is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, even the next day.
I enjoyed the cookie and the flavor. The husband said they weren’t his favorite. But he much prefers chocolate chip. I did take a few to work to share with one of my co-workers and she said they were good. She said that she’ll use the recipe to make with her kids.
My friend has a first grader who will likely enjoy making these. The dough is very sticky and you must roll it in your hands to make a ball and then flatten it with the back of a spoon. Most kids that age will lRice Krispy Cookies (4)ove the stickiness of the dough.
Here is the dough (not the whole amount as I had already dished up a sheet of these before I remembered to take a picture). I rolled these into balls, but my measurement was off. This is suppose to make 3 dozen cookies, but I only produced 2 dozen – and because of that it took longer for them to cook than the 10 minutes.
Once the cookies were rolled into balls, my husband flattened the cookies with the back of a spoon sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. As I said, my cookies were larger so instead of Rice Krispy Cookies (5)the 10 minutes to cook, I cooked mine for 13-1/2 minutes until they just started to brown on the edges. It is possible that these cookies didn’t crisp up and brown as much as possible as I cooked them on our Silpat instead of directly on the cookie sheet.  I just hate cookies that stick, so I always use our Silpat.
Again, these cookies were nice. Not too sweet or rich. A nice combination of chewy and crispy. 

Rice Krispy Cookies
Rice Krispy Cookies (3)

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