Monday, May 14, 2012

They Did It Again!

Once again, in their own sort of brilliance, the TV networks have thrown their darts at the programming board and cancelled shows.  Some darts actually hit their target and picked shows that were awful and had no business being on television, wasting people’s time.  But others veered from their intending, so I assume, and hit shows that I watch, and that’s not good with me.
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One such errant shot hit Fox’s Alcatraz.  Too many questions are left unanswered.  How did the inmates vanish?  Where did they go?  Who has the keys and what are they for?  Besides, it’s set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, and I enjoy seeing the town on a weekly basis.
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Another wayward dart hit ABC’s Missing.  Will Ashley Judd ever find her son and thwart her evil mentor?  Come on you guys, give a show a chance.  Who doesn’t like a series based on spies with chases scenes and shoot-outs and such?  I know I do, or should I say did?  How can you say that Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23 is worth keeping over Missing

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And what is Ben Bailey going to do now that Discovery cancelled Cash Cab?  Another errant shot that takes an enjoyable show away from me.  This show had a unique spin on trivia game shows and allowed us to see all sorts of people test their knowledge.

All in all, the networks managed to keep a lot of the programming I enjoy in the mix.  And truth be told, there are way too many shows for me to watch.  But I will do my best to see as many as possible and write about them in the future, hopefully before they are cancelled! 

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