Sunday, May 13, 2012


In addition to having two children of my own and their furry little brother, I was told the other day by one of my co-workers, “You’re our Work Mom.” 
The situation that started it all was on our way, about 4 to 5 miles from the office, to a company outing that was 40 miles away and at that time I said, “This might be a bad time to ask, but does everyone have their ticket?”  One of the guys in the car patted his pockets and said that he had left his ticket on his desk. So we turned around and went back to the office.
Once we got to the event the story was passed on and that’s when one of our co-workers said that I was the “Work Mom.” I realized that this was very true. I have two adult children of my own, but I still consider myself a nurturer. I work in an industry that is very deadline driven and I’m usually checking on my co-workers to see if they require any help. Co-workers often seek me out for advice and often times I serve as the ears for a vent session.
Years ago I worked in academia and had several work study students who assisted me. Many times these workers would seek me out with questions or problems and I realized that many times they saw me as their “School Mom.” Many times they just needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to cheer them up and encourage them if they were upset about a test or their study load. I was happy to offer that help to these workers as I would hope that my children, one of whom was in college at the time, would have someone on their campus to support them.
Look around you and see if you have a “Work Mom” or perhaps you are the “Work Mom.” Take the time to thank that person for their support or if you’re the one your co-workers look to, remember that you can make a difference in a person’s life with just a kind word at the right time.
Do you have a work mom? Is she nurturing or is she annoying?

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