Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pancakes Part I - San Diego

Pancakes. I am a huge fan of these lovely creations. When both of our kids were still at home Sunday mornings meant either pancakes or Belgian waffles. The kids and I would all sit around the family room and yell our encouragement to their father as he whipped up the pancakes.
Now that the kids are gone we don’t have our Sunday ritual like before. But that doesn’t keep us from enjoying the hunt for great breakfast food when we’re on vacation.
Last year we visited San Diego and happened upon a place called Aunt Emma’s Pancakes (
Aunt Emma's
Located in Chula Vista, in what looked like an older Perkins or Denny’s building, this place was very busy on a Friday morning with local construction workers, business people and some tourists. The wait was less than 15 minutes long as the turnover was quick.
As we poured over the menu we were astonished at the variety of food. I couldn’t decide between a protein breakfast of eggs and bacon or pancakes – so I had eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes. I chose the Banana Nut --made with fresh bananas & pecan nuts topped with powdered sugar.
This pancake was very dense, but delicious. It’s been over a year since I had it but I can still remember the sweet Bananas Foster-like taste to the sliced bananas, pecans and powdered sugar topping. I ended up eating only half of the eggs and bacon so I could concentrate on the dessert-like breakfast treat.

Aunt Emmas

The menu at Aunt Emma’s extends beyond pancakes. My husband ended up with a California Omelet which was basically a Denver omelet with avocado, hash browns on the side and fresh squeezed orange juice. Even with the large size of the omelet, he was able to empty the plate and have a couple of bites of my pancake.
This huge meal was eaten in anticipation of our visit to the San Diego Zoo and a day full of walking that we’ll discuss in a later travel post.

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