Monday, November 19, 2012

Laughing Away the Darkness of Daylight Savings Time

The days are shorter now. My mood is lower now.  So I must find some funny now.  I have never been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but my mood has always dropped to basement level whenever the sky is black by the time I get home from work.  So the past couple of weeks I have been trying to find positive and/or funny things to keep my mood up.
One of my easy go to things is to watch anything Sophia Grace and Rosie. These two young ladies were discovered by Ellen Degeneres and spend a great deal of time entertaining her fans with visits like the one below.

And spending time here in the workplace area just makes me laugh – I’d love to buy a ton of this stuff and put in my little cubicle at work, but I’d probably get fired.  So I just enjoy and sometimes share with my co-conspirator or b#*ch buddy at work.  But I’m sure you might enjoy these as well, unless you work at the perfect company.
Funny Workplace Ecard: Helen Waite is our complaint manager.If you wish to file acomplaint please go to Helen Waite!

And this one is for all the people on my team at work:

Funny Workplace Ecard: Thank you for sending me all those emails that I had clearly already been copied on.

Now I’m just counting down the hours until a paid day off for Thanksgiving:

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: How you feel the morning of Thanksgiving Day!

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