Saturday, April 6, 2013

Basketball Blues

I am not sure if I’ll watch the Final Four this weekend as my favorite team didn’t quite get there.  I will wait until Monday to decide if I’ll watch the final once I know who is playing.  But I have to thank my boys in crimson and blue for a great year, better than I anticipated back in November.


I personally hope to see Michigan vs. Wichita State on Monday night.  You know, you always want the team that beat you (Michigan) to make it all the way.  But having been born and raised in Wichita and with 6 credits from WSU to my transcript, I want them to get to the finals as well.  And as far as I’m concerned WU Shock is almost as cool as Big Jay and Baby Jay.  Read more about WU Shock here And see more about the coolest mascots in the NCAA - Big Jay and Baby Jay here

Final Four NCAA Basketball Wallpaper 2013

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