Monday, September 10, 2012

Pasta con Broccoli

2012-09-07_17-45-34_195 The following recipe has been adapted from a recipe that my son brought home from Home Economics or Food and Consumer Science as it is called today. I made both of my kids take this in high school so that when they were on their own in college I wouldn’t have to worry about them starving. Our daughter was home this weekend to take her GRE so she can start applying for internships and graduate school. When I asked what she wanted for dinner on Friday night she said, “Pasta con Broccoli would be good.” As I stated we have adapted this recipe over the years for what we like and we typically double it for a family of four with leftovers for lunch for a couple of us. This is a very tomato saucy and cheesy recipe versus the soupy, milky kind you will find from the national chains. Pasta Con Broccoli (and again I will typically double the recipe below) 8 oz. medium shell noodles 1 tea. garlic salt (you can substitute garlic powder) 1 can sliced mushrooms 2 cups half and half ½ 15 oz can of tomato sauce ½ cup parmesan cheese (we used the green sprinkle can brand) 4 Tbl. margarine 1 cup cut broccoli (frozen) (I typically will add almost the whole bag for bulk) Salt and pepper to taste 1. Cook noodles until mostly done, strain, – al dente or firmer as the noodles will continue to cook when added to the rest of the ingredients. 2. Place half and half, margarine, garlic salt, tomato sauce and broccoli to the pasta pot and add the pasta back in. Bring to a hard boil. 3. When noodles are cooked to your preference, typically just a minute or two into the hard boil stage, add mushrooms and stir. 4. Remove from the heat and add parmesan cheese. 5. Season with salt and pepper and stir. Ready to serve.


  1. You could leave out those mushrooms and it would still be good. Trust me!!