Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This was not in the job description…

So this weekend officially started summer. Summer brings longer days, warmer temperatures, and lots of sunshine. Longer, warmer, sunny days make me happy.

Going to work in the morning is more dreadful because we would all rather be relaxing on a beach, sitting by a pool, or traveling through the countryside. That was me as I drove to work today. But I knew that my vacation days are already taken up, so I drove on.

My thoughts went to what I would do after spending my day at work and returning home. Summer holds such great options. I was thinking about tonight and even thinking about next weekend when I walked into the office and was confronted by something like this:  

Please leave those gnarly feet under cover. Summer is not a free for all to show off your gross feet. Please save showing off those “beauties” for your husband or for your trip to the beach where you can bury them in the sand.

And no, a $50 pedicure does not make it all better. Absolutely no one in your office wants to look at those ugly toes. There is a reason most companies have a no-open toed shoe policy. I think we even have one at my office, but no one enforces it. It is not for safety of the shoe wearer, but for the convenience of the co-worker forced to sit across the room in a meeting trying to avoid looking at your pale, crusty dry, fat feet screaming for help.

Maybe I need to call HR and make a harassment complaint because those feet are causing me discomfort and nausea. So please, for the love of all that is right and good with the world, cover those hideous things up.

The image above is a representation of my encounter.  I did not grab my phone to immortalize the feet in question.  And as for this photo image, I’d like to say that no feet were hurt in filming, but I’d be lying.  Call PETa – People for the Ethical Treatment of appendages.

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